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Tim Peter


August 31, 2007

What you can’t learn from reviews…

August 31, 2007 | By | No Comments

I love CopyBlogger. It’s a really great site with many useful tips for marketers, writers and site editors. Over the last handful of weeks, they’ve been reviewing sites and offering constructive critiques the site owners can use to solve for business issues. The latest, as with the whole series, gives tremendous insight into how the site reviewed can improve.

The problem here – and I want to be fair to the author, because she is doing a great job – is that they’re basing their fixes on experience and best practices. Both are valuable, particularly in the hands of such skilled practitioners. But given the availability of analytic tools, why don’t more companies base design decisions on customer data? A/B testing has never been easier. I’m not suggesting you don’t need someone to provide good ideas of what to try. I am saying that on the web, not only is the customer always right, but you’ve got access to the data to prove it.

Anyone doing interesting A/B tests that back that up?


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