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Tim Peter


September 6, 2007

Great advice for online marketers…

September 6, 2007 | By | No Comments

I couldn’t agree with Seth Godin more. Focus on making your product or service great first and the viral bit will take care of itself. For instance, the Blendtec videos are incredibly viral. But, really, they’re just showing how effective their product is. I made a mistake in that original post, stating, “The main reason it works is because video itself is so effective at conveying an experience.” That’s only half right. The main reason it works is because the product demonstration is so compelling. The product itself is the effective part. The video only shows what’s already there.

I love Tom Dickson’s smile. He makes great products and clearly loves his job.

Me, I know how to “make great” websites and online marketing, having sold more than $1.25 billion dollars online over the last five years for various employers. I’ve been adjusting the focus of this site more towards that since the “crap blogger” post. Look for more items along those lines coming up. How am I doing? Let me know.

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