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Tim Peter


October 24, 2007

CBS adds mobile search to its sites. Will this drive greater adoption going forward?

October 24, 2007 | By | No Comments

Right after yesterday’s post about the forces holding mobile growth in check comes news from Clickz discussing CBS Mobile adding search to its mobile sites. The article cites comScore data that puts news and sports among the top 5 reasons mobile consumers use the web on their phones. Interestingly, mobile search comes in at number 6, just one percentage point behind sports.

Clickz is referring this to the shot heard round the world. To me, to quote Bogey it looks, “Like the start of a beautiful friendship.” Whether this becomes the magic bullet, or whether ultimately represents only the needs of early adopters is difficult to say. Over time, though, it should drive both expectations and behaviors among consumers. How ready are you to meet them?

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