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September 8, 2008

Vinton Cerf talks: Why the mobile internet will change the game for everyone

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Vinton Cerf – who is as close to the father of the Internet as exists – recently offered his opinion on where the Internet is going. Along with his views on the societal changes the internet will bring, Cerf notes (and Blumenthal highlights):

“We’re nearing the tipping point for mobile computing to deliver timely, geographically and socially relevant information.”

But whether it’s things like cloud-based computing for your iPhone or Nokia’s amazing – though imperfectN96 mobile phone (actually more of a palm computer), the abilities available, literally, in the palm of your customer’s hand increase daily.

And it’s not just phones. For all the ink (literal and digital) spent on the launch of phones such as Apple’s iPhone or Nokia’s N96, the emergence of devices like Amazon’s Kindle also will change the way people interact with the Internet. By far, its most innovative feature is its free, “always-on” network connection. Amazon includes connectivity to make it easy for customers to purchase books. But once customers have constant connectivity – for any of these devices – the game changes. Mike Moran thinks the cost of network connectivity is what’s holding back the mobile web. Generally speaking, I agree.

It’s not just cost, of course. But the other limitations are fading fast. Connectivity options are increasing. Popular web applications such as search and social networking exist. The U.S., according to one study, is even on pace to top the mobile web market (understandable given that they’re teaching college kids to live with these devices).

OK. In theory this is all good news for your business. But what should you do about it today? How can you benefit from these changes? We have looked at how to use the mobile web to grow your business before (here, too).

Remember, the ones most likely to win will have answered these 3 questions:

  • Can customers find you?
  • Can customers browse you?
  • Can customers contact you?

As the market matures, it’s the folks who’ve laid the foundations today who will benefit. Plan to be one of them.

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