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6 Insights Into Customer Experience and Digital Transformation: E-commerce Link Digest

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6 insights into customer experience and digital transformation: Young woman shopping on mobile phone in cafe

Hey, Big Thinkers! No setup this week. Instead, we’re going to jump straight into this great list of 6 insights into customer experience and digital transformation to help you grow your business. Enjoy:

  1. Leading off, we have a couple of great posts from Brand Quarterly get us started. The first, from Cynthia Johnson looks at the critical topic of “Search And Social: Mobile Integration” and is well worth your time. Gregory Butz follows that up with fantastic advice, “Double Down On The Brand Experience To Win The Customer Lifecycle,” which represents something of a theme for this week’s link digest.
  2. You want customer experience? Well how ’bout checking out Michael Brenner’s look at “The Future Of Customer Relationships” over at Marketing Insider Group? He’s got it well covered.
  3. Speaking of the future, Gartner’s Smarter With Gartner blog “Predicts a Virtual World of Exponential Change,” though I can’t imagine that comes as a surprise to regular readers ’round here.
  4. What we tend to talk about less though is how the “Pace of Digital Transformation is Causing Marketers Stress,” according to research collected over on BizReport. To help you cope with that stress, may I recommend this look at “How to Keep Up With Technology as a Marketer: The Quick and Dirty Guide” from a recent episode of our e-commerce and digital strategy podcast, Thinks Out Loud.
  5. Sticking with that theme, you’ll definitely want to check out this great post over on Biznology that uncovers “The Simple Truth About What’s Driving Digital Next Year.”
  6. And let’s close out this week’s list with some deeper insights into digital transformation, including “Digital Transformation: A Brief Introduction” and “Why Digital Transformation Matters for Your Business” both from the Thinks Out Loud podcast, as well as this presentation that highlights “Putting Digital to Work: 4 Key Actions to Drive Digital Transformation.” Good stuff all around, and a great way to round out this week’s list of 6 insights into customer experience and digital transformation.

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

Finally, you might enjoy some of these past posts from Thinks to help you build your e-commerce strategy and your digital success:

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