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What do hotel organizations as diverse as Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Strawberry/Nordic Choice, and Charming Inns of Charleston have in common? They all have benefited from Tim Peter & Associates’ expertise to assist with their hotel marketing, distribution strategy, and technology needs. 

Whether you’re an independent boutique hotel owner/operator, a management company, or the largest hotel company in the world, the key to driving profitability and net operating income for your properties depends on a distribution strategy that works. 

It’s not enough to simply be on every shelf and open your lines of connectivity to all channels. To get the most from the distribution landscape you need to couple the best strategy for your business with the right organization and technology to optimize your business mix.

The goal is to drive as much direct business as possible, lowering your cost of guest acquisition and growing your brand’s loyalty and your business’s bottom line. 

At Tim Peter & Associates, we have extensive experience doing just that.

for your hotel

Since 2009, Tim Peter & Associates has helped individual hotels and resorts, ownership groups, master franchisees, and management companies all around the world improve their sales, marketing, revenue management, distribution — and, most important, revenue. Our team includes executives and practitioners with decades of experience who have generated billions of dollars in hotel revenue for independent, franchised, and managed hotels. 

We can help you:

  • Drive additional revenue through increased occupancy and average daily rate (ADR)
  • Lower cost of guest acquisition
  • Reduce dependency on OTAs like Expedia and
  • Improve technology and connectivity platforms
  • Reduce overall distribution costs 
  • Generate more direct revenue

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Distribution and Travel Technology Services

When it comes to distribution, the hospitality industry plays in the big leagues., Expedia, Airbnb, and others spend billions of dollars each year to attract and acquire guests. And they pass those costs along to your property. Can you compete against these industry giants?

Definitely. That’s what we do

The point isn’t to get rid of OTAs. It’s to make sure you only pay them for guests you can’t reach on your own. And help you build a distribution, revenue management, and technology strategy that delivers results. 

Hospitality Distribution & RevGen Analysis

Tim Peter & Associates’ Hospitality Distribution & RevGen Analysis program looks at your distribution channel mix, your marketing spend, and your digital presence to find opportunities to increase revenues and lower costs for hotels, resorts, ownership groups, and management companies. This program is customized for every hospitality business to provide you an individualized plan. Typical steps include: 

  • Review of your revenue and distribution mix and revenue strategy
  • Evaluate your website and internet booking engine (IBE)
  • Assess of your hospitality marketing platform vendors and marketing agency partners
  • Review your distribution and channel management platforms
  • Audit your hotel’s content marketing and social media practices
  • Review your digital presence for Section 508/ADA accessibility compliance
  • And provide ongoing hotel marketing consulting to help you continually improve performance.

What if your hotels already work with a hospitality marketing or distribution partner?

That’s OK. Lots of great agencies exist in the hospitality industry and we’ve worked with them successfully for years. Let them do what they do best. They’re great at building your website, running your search ads, maybe even connecting you with metasearch. We partner with your agency and your team to think more broadly and cast a wider net, find the right guests for your property, build the right distribution mix for your hotels, and lower your overall cost of guest acquisition. 

What do clients say about Tim Peter & Associates?

“Tim Peter & Associates have been an invaluable asset in developing new Internet marketing plans to make us the leader in our space. Tim has become our ‘go-to guy’ to answer our questions, solve our problems, and train our staff as we seek to lead our competition in this new, changing environment.

– Rick Widman, President, [Charming Inns of Charleston]

Hotel Marketing Insights

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Hospitality distribution, marketing, and revenue generation are not just about ranking well on Google or Expedia. It’s not about reducing your contracted margin or lowering your cost-per-click. It’s not about having a good website. It’s not even about having the best PMS, CRS, or IBE. It’s about thinking about your guest’s journey and connecting with guests through the most effective channel to lower your overall cost of guest acquisition.

If you’re looking for a hospitality consulting firm, why not choose one who’s helped hotels and resorts all around the world develop a comprehensive distribution and travel technology plan, one that delivers results?

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