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What do others say about professional conference speaker Tim Peter’s keynote sessions, breakouts, and workshops? Here are just some examples of feedback and testimonials Tim has received from attendees about how much they enjoyed his sessions and how those sessions improved their overall conference experience.

Funny and Entertaining Keynote Speaker

The first job of any speaker is to capture your audience’s attention. Studies show that laughing leads to learning and that humor will help conference attendees develop and maintain a positive view of your event. Tim’s sessions are funny, entertaining, and captivating, as the following testimonials demonstrate:

“Excellent speaker, entertaining.”

“[Tim] was funny & serious at the same time!”

“Fun & easy to listen to.”

“Well spoken. Made it fun, too.”

“Very funny. [Tim] brought humor to the [session].”

Want similar feedback from attendees at your event? Contact Tim today for more information on how he can help engage and entertain your audience too.

Informative, Interesting and Inspirational Insights

Once your speaker has your audience’s attention, that’s when the real engagement begins as Tim provides outstanding insights designed to enlighten and educate your audience on how customers behave and buy in a world driven by digital technology, mobile, and the Internet at large. But don’t take our word for it. This is what past attendees have had to say about the insights they received — and how those insights shaped their overall conference experience:

“Tim was personable and kept the presentation interesting and informative”

“…Excellent and interesting presentation”

“…Very interesting. Excellent speaker.”

“Nice humor, but thorough and knowledgable.”

“Mr. Peter is excellent – he presents information in an enthusiastic, refreshing way.”

“Tim is impressive. Vast knowledge, yet able to explain on a lower level.”

“…Insightful content.”

“Practical, common sense advice that I can use”

“Concise strategic thinking”

Simply the Best Professional Conference Speaker

If that’s not enough, Tim frequently receives the highest praise of any session at your event, raising the overall impressions attendees will have of your conference. Feedback Tim has received in the past includes:

“Absolutely fabulous! I wish all the sessions were conducted by Tim.”

“Tim is a great presenter”

“Best speaker I saw. Really inspired me.”

Satisfied Leaders

Finally, it’s not just meeting planners, event organizers, and attendees who speak highly of Tim’s sessions. CEO’s and other business leaders have consistently praised Tim’s sessions for the value they bring to their organizations. Here are just a few of the many outstanding testimonials Tim has received from senior executives about how Tim’s sessions improved the overall event — and their perception of the value they received:

“The content [Tim] presented was relevant to the information in the event, and our team seemed to get good takeaways to apply in their specific environments, whether branded or independent. Understanding the messages we share online and how to word and present our messages applies in all cases.” – Rick Day, COO, Real Hospitality

“Tim Peter is an exceptional speaker who offers valuable knowledge and insightful ideas on how businesses can best market themselves online. Tim delivered his presentation in a very enjoyable manner, and connected with our customers by providing key takeaways they could implement upon returning to their facilities. Both our staff and conference attendees raved about his presentation; Tim’s session was a definite highlight of our event.” Harry Ipema, CEO, Fore! Reservations, Inc.

Is this the kind of feedback you want for your next event?
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