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Time Peter - Thinks Out Loud Podcast

Want to know more about what drives digital marketing, ecommerce, and digital transformation? Do you want your business to compete effectively in a landscape dominated by the Frightful Five (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft)? Curious how businesses like, OpenTable, Airbnb, and Uber used digital to connect with customers? Then you’ve come to the right place. Every week, the Thinks Out Loud Podcast explores what works in the worlds of ecommerce, digital marketing, digital transformation, and digital strategy.

Host Tim Peter offers an insightful look under the hood of some of the world’s top companies and helps you apply their strategies to your business — all in just 20 minutes or less. Why not check out the latest episodes right here — or subscribe in your favorite podcast app today.

Thinks Out Loud Episode 1: The Why's of Mobile – September 14, 2012

I've just launched Thinks Out Loud, a new podcast providing Internet marketing expertise your business needs. Here's what I talked about this time: These three posts look at using a…

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