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If you like this site…

I’ve been going through my analytics a fair bit the last couple weeks to wrap up the year and I noticed the number of page views I receive from a given source varies widely. It seems to me that those referring sources that result in the greatest number of page views per visitor would appeal to folks on my site, too. I looked at those that deliver both a decent number of visits so as not to skew the results and a pageview per visit count higher than my site’s average for all visitors.

Without further ado, here’s my “If You Like This Site…” list for 2006.

  • GigaOm — I’ve been a fan of Om for some time. Between his own site and Web Worker Daily, I probably read as much in his network as anywhere.
  • Infomania World — Ellen’s site is new to me, but worth checking out.
  • John Blayter — John is an old friend of mine who I just re-connected with this past year. Makes for a good New Year’s Resolution, I think.
  • Anne 2.0 — It’s probably no secret that Anne is my favorite read on the Web. Anne also writes for Web Worker Daily and has her professional blog at tech decentral. Still, I most enjoy her work at Anne 2.0 the best.
  • Buzzoodle — The buzz marketing space is not an area of expertise for me, so I’m curious to see what Ron has to say at his site.
  • John Battelle — John wrote “The Search” (also available in paperback). I read him just about everyday. He gets the search engine space as well as anyone I’ve seen.
  • Redeye VC — Josh Kopelman founded (later acquired by eBay) and now runs his own venture capital firm. Definitely worth checking out.
  • iPlot — I first ran across Tim Leberecht this past April and he continues to impress me. One comment: Tim, you might want to goose your font size up a shade for those of us whose eyes are going a bit :-)
  • Thoughts Philosophies — I only found out about Carolyn Manning a couple weeks ago and think she’s terrific. She’s more on the inspirational/motivational end of the scale, which I like for a change of pace.
  • LunaMetrics — Robbin Steif is a fantastic critical thinker, mainly focused on the analytics space. Well worth the read for anyone who relies on traffic for their income.

Until now, I haven’t read all of these either, but you can bet I’m going to start checking them out a little more closely. Enjoy!

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