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Announcing the ProStores Ecommerce Makeover Contest


We spend a lot of time here at thinks helping you learn how to improve your online business. Well, thanks to ProStores, we’re going to help you fix it directly.

What do I mean? It’s simple. Does your online store need a facelift? If your site is unappealing, uninspiring or, worst of all, not converting, then it sounds like the answer is yes. Or, maybe you’ve wanted to take your business online but are leery of leaping into e-commerce on your own.

Either way, tell me your story – I want to know why you think you need an e-commerce makeover. I’m collecting the best stories about the worst stores or those who need a store in the worst way. If you’re the winning entry, I’ll get you some help from the pros at ProStores, with six months ProStores’ Professional e-Commerce Plus storefront solution plus a ProStores Setup Services Package for free. Pretty cool, huh?

Just post in the comments section for this post here on thinks by September 18th, 2009, or on your own blog linking back to this post, and tell me “How a ProStores web store would help your business.” You’ve got 350 words or less, so make them count.

You can read the Official Rules here. And good luck!

Full Disclosure: I am a ProStores affiliate, but have received no compensation for this contest.

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  1. I have several passions in life – one of which I recently resigned from – after 12 years – teaching children with severe special needs’. I finally took the plunge, with a lot of faith in God’s plan for me – to complete my last year for a Masters in Clinical Social Work – my goal being to work with the same population – also specializing in working with the Deaf – an area which is very grossly misrepresented. Thus to arrive at the reason for entering this contest:

    I am in dire need of an “e-commerce makeover”, blatantly due to the fact that selling on Ebay is now my sole income in pursuing this passion. In the past months, as my sales have exponentially increased, I have truly begun to realize that providing collectible items to others’ is another passion that continues to blossom each time I “meet” a new Ebay customer. I have learned as much, if not more, in area(s) of items that I formerly knew little about. However, my skills as an “educator” and “potential therapist” greatly outweigh my knowledge (or lack thereof) of maintaining an effective and lucrative online store. I strongly want to open an online store but, lack the skills in being able to do so. In the meantime, I sell a large percentage of the items I offer up for auction but, do not know how to send those that do NOT sell – into a store that will be cost-effective for myself, finding that I am spending more money in the auction arena – versus simply offering items for direct purchase.

    Not only that but, I do not have the time nor skills to design an effective, organized, detailed NOR attractive store – defaulting on my original “poor attempt” at opening an Ebay store over 2 years ago (which the website link I provided will lead you to envision if you dare to enter it!).

    Lastly, for obvious reasons, I not only need the “technical assistance” of someone far more intelligent than I in this area but – I lack the necessary budget at this time to pursue this venue on my own. In between studying for classes in order to be prepared for my practicum/practice in the Spring of 2010, I also help my daughter take care of my 2 grandchildren – whom are the light of my entire life. I have always strived to help others’, putting their needs above my own and finally am learning to follow my own goals/passions however, need some assistance in doing so. If I were to actually win this contest, it would not only fuel my growing passion for an e-commerce business but, would enable me to also complete my original path – becoming the best social worker that I can possibly be – helping others’ to achieve their highest potential.

  2. There are lots of things that I do well: I provide excellent customer service to my current customers, I am an accomplished golfer, I am a great cook and friend and parent, but I simply cannot figure out how to launch a website on my own. I am not one to admit defeat very often, but when it comes to building a website, I’m a complete failure. I simply cannot do it on my own.

    It is as if there is a huge cliff standing between me and a website: I get close to the edge and pull back, afraid of the unknown and afraid that I don’t have the skills to properly build the site on my own.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to build my site. I’ve read all the books, scoured all the info on the net and looked at a zillion sample sites to no avail. I simply can’t do it on my own.

    I have a plan and I have the product. I have the desire and I have the experience. I’ve sold online for over ten years and I love what I do. More than anything else I want to expand and I want to build my own website, Having a website would allow me to continue to offer my items and products to my customers and to allow me to build my business into a successful ecommerce venture that I know it can be.

    I need this push, I need to get past that last step that I’ve been afraid to take all of these years. I want this, I need this and I know I can do it with just a little help.

    Please help me take that step towards the cliff and not fail this time. Thank you.

  3. […] of thinks, allow me to introduce you to Catherine Allen of Golfing Addict, the winner of the thinks/ProStores E-Commerce Makeover Contest. Catherine’s entry explained, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to […]

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