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How word of mouth works. Against you, that is…

A simple and obvious, but incredibly valuable lesson from Michael Arrington today. Sure, we’re all aware that we must take care of our customers or someone else will, but what I think we fail to recognize is that it’s not just the customers we lose today when we don’t meet their needs. It’s all the potential customers lost when they decide to share that failure with friends. Or everyone they know, for that matter.

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  1. […] Now that the holiday season is over, it’s easy to talk about companies that created poor customer service experiences. So don’t. Whether it’s on your own blog or in the comments here or just among your friends, share these examples and any others you can find. It’s time to stop bitching about companies that do it poorly and start celebrating the ones that do it right. Customer service is not dead. Ignore the companies that fail to deliver and they’ll go away. Make 2007 the year you raise the bar for your expectations, the expectations of your customers, and the expectations of everyone you know. […]

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