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Now is email marketing 37 cents or 39 cents these days?

Here’s a post I wish I wrote. RSS will replace email at some point; just not this year. My dad uses email. He’s never heard of RSS. My boss uses email and instant messaging; she’s never heard of RSS. Until Microsoft introduces RSS reading capabiities by default into the OS or into Outlook, there’s no RSS in the mainstream. Sad, but true.

I hate to be so MS-centric, I really do. But, gentle reader, just ask yourself, how many folks do you know that use something other than IE on MS Windows? 87% of the visitors to my site (not this one; the day job) use some form of IE (either default or AOL), and well over 90% use Windows. By contrast, Mac makes up 3% of our visitors and Linux only 0.2%. Even this site, which attracts a more diverse community, gets 80% of its traffic from Windows operating systems and a pretty healthy chunk on IE (though, does get a nice Firefox representation, bless their little hearts).

Anyhoo, given the omnipresence of Windows, we can only pray for Vista, which is supposed to have nice RSS support. Who knows, maybe my dad and my boss will finally give up on email marketing, too…

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