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Old hosting company vanished. Moving hosts. Sorry for any issues.

Hi all. Here’s an object lesson for everyone. Especially me. Even experienced web guys get burned once in a while. My former hosting company appears to have folded its tents. Forever. Their site is down and their 800# is disconnected. The result is my site has been dark for the last 18 hours or so. Given that running this site isn’t my day job, I haven’t been able to expedite the fix any quicker. But, no excuses. When you live your life online, you also need to prepare for when things go wrong. Shame on me.

Anyhow, I’ve been planning a move to a new hosting company for about a month now and had been working through the details. Unfortunately, AvidHosting (the former host) has forced my hand. I’ll be working over the next few days to restore missing content and to correct the lost categories on the blog. Thanks for your patience while I correct these problems.

P.S., anyone with good tools/utilities for converting older WordPress database categories to the new 2.3.1 database structure, please drop me an email at tim-at-timpeter-dot-com. I would appreciate the assist.

Tim Peter is the founder and president of Tim Peter & Associates. You can learn more about our company's strategy and digital marketing consulting services here or about Tim here.

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  1. So, Avidhosting isn’t even picking up the phone now? The machine picked up last night, so I was still hoping this was temporary. Of course, now I can’t even find the 800 number in google’s cache, so silly me for not writing it down.

  2. Hi Don,
    Unfortunately, no. Yesterday, I got a recording when calling the 800 # stating that the number was not in service. No website + no phone number = no company. And if they were to come back online today, it’s still too late for me. Fool me once…

  3. Avid Hosting’s phone number is 1-866-505-2843. And as I’m typing this I’m on hold on their line so it’s working. I have no doubt that I’ll get the full mailbox message again but the line is working.

    Also, Avid’s website is back up (kind of) and they’re blaming for unrouting their IP addresses. I called ARIN and that’s BS.

    Yep, got the full voicemail box again. :-/

  4. Hey Floyd,
    I’m still not able to access their site and, frankly, don’t care to try any longer. I’m now functional (after a fashion) on my new host. At some point I’d like to retrieve some things from the old site. Otherwise, speaking as a seriously disgruntled customer, I’m done with AvidHosting.

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