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Savoring, Skimming, and Peace on Earth

Anne, who loyal readers know I’m a huge fan of, had a recent post about how blogs are for savoring, not skimming. I’m inclined to agree, though for more decidedly philosophical reasons than normal. Call this my Cluetrain Manifesto, in the sense that I’ve just gotten a clue and need to declare it from every rooftop I can find, virtual or otherwise. I’m in the Bahamas with my wife and daughters, taking a much needed holiday. I’m a lucky guy. I have a job that both provides me enjoyment and pays me well. My daughters, aged 10 and 8, are an absolute hoot. My wife is beautiful on the inside and out. My family is healthy, and so am I. My parents, though working through a couple of health issues, remain mentally alert and happy as can be to be walking the planet. So, Anne, my only argument with your thesis is that you didn’t go far enough. Life itself is worth savoring. Whether your thing is engaging in a virtual community of like-minded souls who choose to comment on the vagaries of our existence, or if you prefer hearty, he-man activities in the great outdoors, or any and all stops along that continuum, savor away. We’re put here for a finite period. Live in the now; enjoy the journey. I may be quiet for a few days as I savor these moments. I hope you do the same.

P.S. – Shameless marketing plug: you can buy “The Cluetrain Manifesto” in print from, if you’d like. And yes, I do receive a vig. You could also just go to Amazon, search “Cluetrain” and buy it without spiffing me. Seriously.

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  1. I’m late getting to this… took a big break after that post and got kind of behind. You are right; life is for savoring. A good message to remember, when I worry I am not making any forward progress.

  2. Thanks, Anne. I guess it’s “a journey, not a destination” kind of thing. The older I get, the more that I (think) I understand that. Glad to see that you’re back and doing well. I think I’m not alone in saying that we’re a lot better off with your contributions to the dialogue. “Forward progress” is only meaningful from a relative viewpoint. More to the point, so is standing still. Enjoy the ride!

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