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The hidden key to social marketing success

Holly Buchanan’s excellent piece at GrokDotCom reviews how social works best when talking with women. But she’s onto something much bigger than just women. Her key advice: “Start with people.”

Holly couldn’t be more right. People are what social is about. Social is people. And what people want are authentic discussions with other people. That’s how you sell inside a social network. That’s how you connect with more customers. And that’s how you use these tools successfully.

If you’re serious about social, take a look at Forrester’s POST methodology, which emphasizes people first, too (that’s what the “P” in POST stands for). Seems to me that the folks who think social is something different than people are the ones who insist social isn’t ready for business. They’re wrong. Period. Customers want companies who want to listen to them, who genuinely pay attention, who genuinely have something to say, who are friendly.

So, really, the question is, “is your company about people?” What’s your answer?

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