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Why meme marketing might not be all it’s cracked up to be…

I’ve been quiet for a bit. Lots of travel again, but mostly because I haven’t had a lot to say. I’m actually working on a longer piece about how companies should think about a little silence from time to time in order to really appeal to their audience. More on that later. In the meantime, Josh Kopelman put together a piece over at Redeye VC that serves as a great introduction to the problems new companies face in finding an audience, even in today’s hyper-literate, hyper-connected world. Similar to my piece about how many companies are finding smaller niches, with a healthy dose of my comments about Web 2.0 lacking a killer app thrown in for good measure. Excellent thoughts. Josh just might make my regular reading list.

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  1. […] I swore I would avoid a “Snakes On a Plane” post. Then Seth Godin had to go and ruin it for me. This might be my all-time favorite comment about selling (anything) on the Web (or anywhere else for that matter). Seth Godin has a brilliant piece about the perceived failure of “Snakes On a Plane”. While I don’t have a strong opinion about the movie one way or the other, I do think it’s interesting that it’s getting roasted by industry types because it didn’t come out of the blocks as strong as analysts expected. It’s interesting because it speaks to how expectations influence the perception of success and because it ignores the Long Tail. When the producers started making “SOAP,” I doubt they expected the buzz this movie would generate prior to its release. They probably thought they were just making another late-summer popcorn flick. Once the meme took off, though, people got way ahead of themselves in terms of thinking where this would end up. And now, they believe the phenomenon has come crashing back to earth. I’m not convinced. The movie has gotten generally positive reviews and it’s doing pretty well in the ’sphere lately. Check out Technorati’s chart of posts containing Snakes On A Plane per day for the last 30 days. Notice that jump to the right there. I don’t think that’s a movie breathing its last. Time, as always, will tell. […]

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