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WordPress trumps Weebly, Squarespace and Yola for moving your site

Even if you’re using a third-party solution for building your small business website, I’ve long recommended owning your own domain. Fortunately, tools such as Weebly, WordPress, Yola and Squarespace make it easy to use your own domain on their hosted solutions.

But I also believe you need to be able to move your hosting if you choose to. Why? Well, if you’ve ever had your hosting company disappear in the middle of the night (as I have), you don’t want to leave your customers hanging. Which is one of the reasons I’ve always liked WordPress. Since the same software runs both on WordPress’s hosted site and on just about any other web host, moving your site is about as simple as it can be.

Now WordPress has made it even easier to move your site. Companies and bloggers hosting on can easily redirect traffic to a new location just by filling in a simple form on your WordPress Domain Settings, under Offsite Redirect:

WordPress Offsite Redirect

Cool, eh?

That’s not to say that this is the only reason for choosing a host. But, kudos to WordPress for recognizing the value of alternative hosting options for small businesses and making it easy to pick the best one for your needs.

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