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5 Questions About Landing Page URL's

Domain selection mattersLaunching a new campaign on your site? Many marketers love to come up with clever URL’s and new domains for each campaign. But before you get too clever, here are 5 questions to think about:

  1. What address/URL are you going to use for this promotion? It’s worth keeping these tips in mind.
  2. What hidden words appear when the URL is spelled in lowercase? See at GoodURLBadURL.
  3. Are you tracking traffic to each distinct URL? The correct answer is “yes.” Make sure that any redirects are tracked separately, too.
  4. How long do you want that URL to be alive? Not much to say about this one. But it leads to the inevitable…
  5. Where are you going to send that traffic once your promotion ends? This is a biggie. The best thing about permalinks is they’re permanent. Check your analytics to see how many “Page not found” (i.e., 404) errors you get and don’t set yourself up for any more of them. Old URL’s never die. At least if you do it right. The best in the business just direct the traffic somewhere equally useful to continue to pass the “scent test.”

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