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6 simple rules of merchandising, online and offline

Lots of people talk about how to merchandise online effectively. Linda Bustos at Get Elastic and the folks at GrokDotCom do a particularly good job. But the simplest rule of merchandising came from a good friend: focus on the reasons your customer buys and display your offerings around those reasons. Some reasons?

  • Customers who buy new (want the latest fad) vs customers who only buy used (like to get a good deal)
  • Customers who only buy things on sale vs. those who like to pay full price (either to impress others or drive their own self-satisfaction)
  • Customers who only buy domestic goods vs. customers who like to buy imported
  • Customers who always buy name brands vs. those who buy generic
  • Customers who buy things they need (required purchases) vs. customers who buy things they want
  • Customers who buy things that are scarce vs. customers who buy things that are abundant (looking for good deals)

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