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Do You Feel Lucky?

Ambitious manHow many people do you know who are lucky? You know the ones. The people that get all the breaks, that everything goes right for, every time. The ones who find nothing but success in all that they do.

That’s nonsense, of course.

No one gets all the breaks. No one’s life is that perfect.

Instead, every “lucky” person I’ve ever known really succeeded because they were able to make their own luck, even following serious setbacks.

Businesses have lots of ups and downs, every day. But a marketing promotion that doesn’t succeed, a new product that bombs, or a project that fails often plants the seeds of future growth.

A client of mine, for instance, tells a great story about a promotion that didn’t work at all. While it raised awareness for their brand, most of the attention proved negative (as in, “did you see how these people screwed up?”) Instead of ignoring the failure, the company took what didn’t work (“wild promotion to attract more customers”) and turned it into a feature for existing customers (“offer ‘thank you’ deals to great customers to attract more repeat business”). The results have been extraordinary.

Was that lucky? Not really. As one of the team often says, “We paid the tuition; we may as well use the learning.”

So, sure, I’ve talked about luck before on St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s always worth remembering. As Louis Pasteur once said,

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

In other words, luck is what you make of it.

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