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Guest Post: The Benefits of Guest Posts For Your Small Business Blog by Carol Wilson

Today’s guest post is from Carol Wilson, a writer for She contributes articles about a variety of marketing, business, stock market, small business topics and can be contacted at: wilson.carol24 @ As part of our continuing series on how to build your small business blog, today Carol looks at the benefits of using guest posts on your small business blog.

In today’s tech-heavy society, nearly every aspect of our lives is intimately involved with the internet. Businesses rely on the web for their mass marketing campaigns, gaining a worldwide audience, and selling or distributing their product and services. Many small and large businesses alike use blogs to create attention for their offerings and to position themselves as experts within their area. A small business blog, as with any blog, can be tricky to maintain. Gaining any amount of popularity online takes a lot of work and a considerable amount of research. Bloggers must understand who their target audience is, develop a reliable blogging schedule, craft quality content, deliver something new and interesting to their readers, and create beautiful and clear web design for their site. One essential trick to creating a successful blog is inviting quality guest posts from capable writers within your blogging genre.

Gain a Wider Exposure

One of the most basic benefits of publishing guest posts on your small business’ blog is gaining more traffic to your blog. By allowing established guest bloggers to publish on your site, you will attract members of that blogger’s regular audience to your blog. The guest blogger will promote their guest post on their usual social media outlets as well as their own blog, providing you with free and effortless promotion. Furthermore, guest posting often works both ways. If you allow a guest blogger to write a feature for your blog, you will likely be permitted or asked to write a feature for their blog. This allows you to promote your business’ blog on that blogger’s site, too. Readers of your guest posts will picture you as an expert on your area of interest and may seek further information from you about your products and services. More traffic means more customers and more customers means more profit.

Become an Authority

By featuring guest posts that are written by educated and knowledgeable individuals in your area of business, readers will see your blog as the authoritative voice on that subject. Within any industry, being seen as an authority within your area of business is a positive thing for sales. A business’ reputation plays heavily into how successful it is. By creating and publishing quality content on your business’ blog, customers and visitors will begin to trust your word on that subject. Furthermore, featuring guest bloggers on your blog will demonstrate a willingness to explore different points of view. This openness displays a forward-thinking business standpoint and is viewed positively by visitors and consumers. Use guest bloggers to build your professional repertoire and position yourself as an expert in your area.

Beef Up Your Blog

Guest posts also provide a great way to beef up your blog and mix up the content a little bit. One of the most difficult aspects of blogging in general is coming up with interesting and unique content each and every week. Guest posting gives your blog a new and exciting voice. Even the slightest change like this can revive a tired blog and engage new readers. Let your guest contributors do some of the work for you for a bit. Let others come up with unique and entertaining topics that relate to your business. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, try featuring a series of guest posts on various topics. Of course, be wary of the guest articles you do publish. Be sure to find posts that are well written and intimately related to your area of business. Featuring an interesting post by a guest blogger that is unique and well written, but completely unrelated to your blog is pointless. Find posts that are useful, informative, and interesting. Spicing things up in your blog can help bring readers back for more and will keep you inspired for your own writing.

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