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Is this the year of mobile? (Small Business E-commerce Link Digest – January 9, 2010)

Peter Kim thinks 2010 is the year of mobile. I think 2009 already was. In either case, to quote the old song, something’s happenin’ here. Want proof? Check out this week’s links:

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  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know, I actually like the written material on your site. But I am utilising Flock on a machine running version 8.x of Crashbang Ubuntu and the UI aren’t quite satisfying. Not a big deal, I can still essentially read the articles and explore for information, but just wanted to inform you about that. The navigation bar is kind of challenging to use with the config I’m running. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Stepahny,
      Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t get lots of traffic from Flock/Ubuntu, but the next design of thinks (coming soon to a browser near you) will be using the latest CSS and HTML techniques to be much more readable on all platforms. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading!

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