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Why Google Analytics always belongs in your measurement consideration set

Are you shopping for a new web analytics tool? If so, keep in mind the 7 keys to successful web metics. And, although you might find a better option, until you do, keep Google Analytics on your short list.


3 reasons:

  1. It covers the basics well. There are many, many great analytics tools on the market, offering all sorts of incredible features. And, yet, many of the business questions I want to answer, GA gives me with minimal configuration. Sure, it’s usually worth investing in professional services to ensure Google Analytics meets your specific business needs. But that’s true of many more expensive options, too.
  2. They keep adding truly useful features. Goal funnels? Check. Benchmarking? Check. Segmentation? Check. And since last week, page overlay:

    Pretty cool, eh?

  3. I can spend my money on people, not technology. This is the biggie, for me. The first requirement of a good metric is that it’s actionable. And while many tools out there allow for more “sophisticated” tracking, for many small businesses, the cost of high-end tracking tools limits the number of resources – human and otherwise – available to put the information they produce to good use. Give me a good analyst with an inexpensive tool any day.

This isn’t to suggest Google Analytics is a perfect web analytics tool. It isn’t. In fact, for some businesses, it’s not the right tool at all. But, because it provides a good mix of both basic and sophisticated measures, and is available for no up-front cost, it’s almost always worth considering.

What do you think? Does GA do it for you? Or is there something better out there? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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