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Your 10 Favorite Topics This Month (April 2013)

Guest posting on blogsEach month, we round up your favorite posts from the prior month. And, so, without further ado, I’m doing just that. Enjoy:

  1. Tweeting for Results: 3 Tips for Using Twitter Effectively for Your Small Business by Megan Totka
  2. The Minimalist Guide to Apple vs. Android in Mobile Marketing
  3. Mobile Phones + Millenials Equals Marketing Magic
  4. Thinks Out Loud Episode 25: Mobile Matters
  5. What’s the Future of E-commerce? Look to the Past to Find Out
  6. Today and Tomorrow: Mobile and The Changing Customer Journey
  7. Share This: 5 Tips You Must Learn to Create Sharable Content | Biznology
  8. 6 Things Your Customers Need to Hear You Say
  9. Thinks Out Loud Episode 24: Why Blogging Matters For Your Business
  10. What Are Your Customers Actually Buying? (Travel Tuesday)

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