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Your 10 Favorite Topics This Month (January 2013)

Your favorite social, local, mobile topics for January 2013Can you believe we’re 1/12th of the way through 2013 already? Man, this month flew. Here are the top 10 topics you spent time with on Tim Peter Thinks this month:

  1. By far the most popular topic looked at what mobile will do to your sales in 2013.
  2. Continuing the mobile theme, you also wanted to know this shocking fact about mobile commerce.
  3. You were interested to learn that e-commerce still has lots of room to grow.
  4. Technically, this was from last month, but you spent a lot of time examining the 13 most important topics for 2013 as voted by you.
  5. Facebook offered some big news this month. And you wanted to know whether Facebook’s Graph Search is the true arrival of social search.
  6. You took a long look at the one thing you don’t want to change in 2013.
  7. Also from December, you wanted to learn more about the 3 key trends for 2013.
  8. Many of you wanted to know about the race you can’t win.
  9. Google’s always top of mind, which explains the popularity of this look at Google, mobile, and more.
  10. Finally, you seemed to enjoy our podcast Thinks Out Loud Episode 14: What e-commerce really means. (Speaking of which, don’t forget a new episode goes live tomorrow here.

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