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Your 10 Favorite Topics This Month (March 2013)

Content marketing successOK, technically March doesn’t end until Sunday. But, since today is the last business day of the month and we run on a five-day publishing schedule here, we’re rounding up your favorite posts from March today. Without further ado, here’s the list:

  1. In terms of popularity this month, nothing came close to this Intel infographic highlighting what happens in an Internet minute. Truly mind-blowing stats you really owe it to yourself to review.
  2. As part of prepping a talk for next month, I outlined 4 fundamental truths about the future of e-commerce.
  3. Posts that help you manage your digital marketing more effectively often do well. Which probably accounts for the popularity of this post examining the 4 laws to working smarter in digital marketing.
  4. And, of course, we all could use help dealing with a stressful environment, which undoubtedly led to the success of my post, “The Zen of Digital Marketing Strategy.”
  5. Our weekly podcast remained “on top of the charts,” in particular Episode 22: “Everybody Hates Google.”
  6. You also enjoyed these 3 digital marketing and e-commerce fundamentals you must know, which appeared as a follow-up to the “4 Fundamental Truths” post in item #2.
  7. Megan Totka of provided our #7 entry with her guest post, “An Engaging Presence: 3 Steps to a More Usable Website.”
  8. Another entry in the “fundamental truths” series mentioned above examined 4 e-commerce changes worth watching.
  9. Our “Book Review of the Week-ish” series made a triumphant return to Tim Peter Thinks featuring The Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand by Lee LeFever.
  10. And, finally, you enjoyed the 3 key blogging tips learned from 1,400 blog posts we published earlier this week.

There you have it Big Thinkers. Keep reading for more great stuff as we move into April. And, don’t worry, I’ll post my thoughts on what ties our popular podcasts together that I’d mentioned yesterday on Monday.

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