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Elvis Presley and Social Media Marketing: The Hidden Connection

I’m not saying numbers are everything. But, you can glean something from them.

Here are a few examples.

But I started the week talking about how you should ignore the snake oil salesmen while betting on social media without citing any real numbers. Well, here’s a good one for you:

eMarketer reports US social network ad revenues will reach $3.08 billion this year.

Again, I’m not saying that numbers are everything. But the implication’s pretty clear. Elvis changed music for a generation, serving as the catalyst for the rock & roll revolution. Social media will be the king of all media. We’re only just beginning to see the changes its bringing to media. But $3 billion worth of advertisers can’t be wrong.

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  1. While I am a huge fan of Tim Peter thinks, this one time, I believe you got it all wrong.

    The Hidden Connection between Elvis Presley & Social Media is actually best portrayed here:

    Meditate on the page for 30 minutes. You will then gain enlightenment and transcendent understanding from the two most powerful forces in nature – Elvis & cute kittens…

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