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gapingvoid: "cartoons drawn on the back of business cards": microsoft and chess pieces

I follow Hugh MacLeod (aka gapingvoid) religiously. I read Hugh’s blog. I follow him on Twitter. I plan to buy business cards from him.

Why? Why so much emphasis on one guy?

Because he’s the most original thinker in the community. Period.

Case in point: microsoft and chess pieces.

You can choose to be a King. You can choose to be a Queen. Many choose to be Pawns. Hell, you can even choose to be a Blue Monster (though most prefer to run in fear from them instead – whether real or the dreams in your head).

You can love Microsoft (or Google or GE or Wal-mart or the guy down the street who seems to eat your lunch every day). You can loathe them. You can fear them (though what a waste of time). Each is a choice. Make one. Fish, cut bait, be a monster. But choose something. And move on.

That’s what Hugh reminded me today.

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