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Thinks Out Loud Episode 8: After the Storm


Hurricane Sandy

Post-Election Coverage

  • Marc Thiessen’s Washington Post column looking at how Obama trumped Romney with big data, which features this fascinating section:

    “Asked by Politico’s Mike Allen what the biggest lesson someone running 2016 should learn from the Obama campaign, David Axelrod said: ‘I would invest in people .?.?. who understand where the technology is going and what the potential will be by 2016 for communications, for targeting, for mining data, to make precision possible in terms of both persuasion and mobilization.’”

  • See also Andrew Sullivan’s look at how big money didn’t win (which seems very encouraging to me if you’re a marketer without a lot of money to spend). The lesson is more about spending what you have wisely than outspending your competition.
  • I looked at what you can learn from prediction wizard Nate Silver.
  • Singularity Hub had additional thoughts on Nate Silver’s election predictions, noting:

    “By winning “the nerdiest election in the history of the American Republic,” Barack Obama has cemented the role of Big Data in every aspect of the campaigning process. His ultimate success came from the work of historic get-out-the-vote efforts dominated by targeted messaging and digital behavioral tracking. Future campaigns will build off this success and spread these tactics to every part of the electoral process, continually accumulating whatever new types of data are available in the future.”

Community Building and Content Marketing

Book Review

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Running time: 10m 06s

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