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15 Key Mobile and E-commerce Trends to Prep You for 2015 – Thinks Out Loud Episode 104

Key trends for 2015

15 Key Mobile and E-commerce Trends to Prep You for 2015 – Headlines and Show Notes

  1. The Future of E-commerce and Mary Meeker’s 2014 Trends – Thinks Out Loud Episode 74 — May 28, 2014
  2. Why Mobile Commerce Will Be Even Bigger Than You Think – Thinks Out Loud Episode 76 — June 11, 2014. Key point: Because mobile is always at hand. It’s shaping customer behavior. Almost half of all purchase decisions today are already mobile influenced.
  3. Should Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Focus on Apps or the Mobile Web? Thinks Out Loud Episode 69 — April 10, 2014. Examples of businesses using apps well. Also reviews great mobile web experiences.
  4. Why Mobile Commerce Will Win – Thinks Out Loud Episode 102 — December 10, 2014. The rise of millennials and their influence on mobile e-commerce.
  5. Why Mobile First Just Became Mobile Now – Thinks Out Loud Episode 71 — April 30, 2014. Proctor & Gamble’s big move to mobile and social.
  6. Scary Changes Coming to Marketing – Thinks Out Loud Episode 96 — Octover 29, 2014. Increasing influence of Moore’s Law, Kryder’s Law, and Butters’ Law. Changes in payments. And big shifts in demographics.
  7. What Does “It’s All E-commerce” Really Mean? Thinks Out Loud Episode 77 — June 18, 2014. Demographic shifts.
  8. Why Your Customers’ Privacy Matters to Your Marketing – Thinks Out Loud Episode 68 — April 2, 2014. Exactly what is says on the tin.
  9. Internet Marketing to Make You Happy – Thinks Out Loud Episode 64 — March 5, 2014. Using emotion and storytelling in digital marketing.
  10. The Biggest Trends Driving E-commerce: Thinks Out Loud Episode 98 — November 12, 2014. Recap of trends.
  11. Is E-commerce Innovation Over? Thinks Out Loud Episode 97 — November 5, 2014. No. Along with some ideas and trends that will influence e-commerce, m-commerce, and innovation overall.
  12. Internet Marketing to Millennials (Gen X and Boomers Too) – Thinks Out Loud Episode 65 — March 12, 2014. Tips and advice for targeting key demographics in mobile and digital.
  13. How Big is E-commerce Anyway? Thinks Out Loud Episode 67 — March 26, 2014. Big.
  14. Mobile, Millennials and More: E-commerce Trends 2015: Thinks Out Loud Episode 99 — November 19, 2014. Great round-up of trends affecting mobile, marketing, and millennials.
  15. How Mobile Makes E-commerce Physical – Thinks Out Loud Episode 72 — May 7, 2014. Early look at the integration of mobile and physical spaces. There is no “offline” any longer.
  16. You might also enjoy the slides from my recent webinar, Digital Marketing Directions: Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year,:

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