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6 Major Stories About Millennials and Mobile Commerce: E-commerce Link Digest

6 major stories about Millennials and mobile commerce

Happy Friday, Big Thinkers. Not much setup this week. Just 6 major stories about Millennials and mobile commerce to carry you into next week. Have a great weekend, and, in the meantime, enjoy:

  1. Lots and lots of payment news this past week, folks. For starters, 9to5Mac reports that Best Buy has added Apple Pay support in its app this past week, and will be in retail stores this fall. Mobile Commerce Daily says Best Buy’s move represents a setback to MCX. Well, sure. But to be fair, MCX (aka CurrentC), has always been a retail-driven product, not a customer-driven solution. While all this is going on, the “old timer” of online payments, PayPal, launched its instant checkout service “One Touch” across the web. Given how important mobile payments will be to e-commerce overall, (something I’ve talked about here, here, here, and here, y’know, once or twice), these are significant moves for the future. Expect a lot more on this next week here on the blog.
  2. For one last point about mobile payments, eMarketer says that in mobile payment adoptions, Millennials lead. On that note, Marketing Charts asks “So How Many Millennials Are There in the US, Anyway?” The answer? A lot. You put that all together, and that’s why I think mobile commerce is here to stay.
  3. We covered this in detail in this week’s podcast, but you owe it to yourself to check out this look at why Nike and Under Armour are spending wildly to watch your every step, and this Wired article on location is your most critical data, and everyone’s watching (as well as the podcast, as it happens). Why? Well, data from eMarketer suggests that marketers struggle to map multichannel customers’ journeys and, I strongly suspect this will be the major battleground amongst marketers for the next 5-10 years.
  4. So, as for this data-driven battleground, another Wired article details how Uber says it can deliver food in NYC in 10 minutes. How are they doing it? Predictive analytics. Since it takes more than 10 minutes to, y’know, actually cook the food, Uber will use data to determine which foods to pre-order and pickup before participating restaurants’ customers do. Wow. Again, we’ll look at this in more detail in the coming weeks.
  5. Last predictive analytics items for this week comes from Venture Beat, which unveils Facebook’s secret plan to kill Google and become the second trillion-dollar company in the process. So worth your time.
  6. Finally, mobile plays a critical role in all driving this change by providing many companies with the data necessary as well as the tools consumers will use to access browse, find, and buy the things they need. And that’s why the coming mobile e-commerce backlash is wrong and why you need to ignore the big lie about mobile commerce everyone’s telling right now.

OK, I said there were only six stories this week. I didn’t say they were short stories. But they’re really worthwhile stories and I hope you’re able to put them to use in the days and weeks ahead.

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