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6 Must-Read Digital Marketing and E-commerce Posts from July

Top digital marketing and e-commerce blog postsIt’s that time again, Big Thinkers. Time to round-up your most favorite, must-read digital marketing and e-commerce posts from last month. And there’s some great stuff this time around.

Long-time readers of this series will note that I haven’t included any Travel Tuesday posts in this list. Beginning this month, I’ll be breaking those out separately. Look forward to a dedicated list of the top Travel Tuesday posts of July tomorrow. Anyway, here’s the the list of this month’s must-read digital marketing and e-commerce posts:

  1. The most popular post of all this past month explored “The Shocking Truth About Millennials and Digital Media”. Given the influence that millennials have on digital marketing, I guess that’s no surprise. But the data is. So check it out when you get the chance.
  2. I announce my E-commerce and Internet Marketing All-Stars every year in July, and this year’s collection, “The 2014 E-commerce and Internet Marketing All-Stars: The Top 9 Blogs,” was the second most popular post this past month. Take a look and see why.
  3. Posts that examine trends in detail tend to be very popular each month. Which helps explain this look at the “7 Reasons E-commerce Growth Has Nowhere to Go But Up” attracted so much attention in July.
  4. eBay made a huge SEO error, one that’s going to cost them about $200 million in revenue this year. “Panda Attacks: What You Can Learn from eBay’s E-commerce SEO Mistake” helps uncover what happened — and how you can keep it from happening to you.
  5. Thinks Out Loud, my weekly podcast, provides the next entry in this list, this time with Episode 82: “Mobile and E-commerce Go Hand-in-Hand.”
  6. Oh, and Thinks Out Loud also offers up Episode 79, “What Works in Digital Today?” to round out this month’s list of the top digital marketing and e-commerce posts.

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You might also want to review the tips in my recent presentation Digital Marketing Directions: Three Trends Shaping 2014 Hospitality Internet Marketing. Again, it was built for a travel audience, but its lessons apply across industries. The full deck is here:

And, finally, you might also enjoy some of our past coverage of the social, local, mobile web and what it means for your business, including:

Tim Peter is the founder and president of Tim Peter & Associates. You can learn more about our company's strategy and digital marketing consulting services here or about Tim here.

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