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7 Key Insights: The Top Travel Marketing Posts of August, 2015

7 key insights: the top travel marketing posts of August, 2015¡Hola, Big Thinkers! I’m about to fly from spectacular, sunny México back to the less sunny — but still spectacular — swamps of Jersey. But before I board, I wanted to leave you with this list of the top travel marketing posts of the past month. So, without further ado, check out these 7 key insights: the top travel marketing posts of August, 2015. Enjoy:

  1. By far the biggest post of the past month was this review of “6 Key Hotel E-commerce Tips: A Cheat Sheet to Drive Direct Business,” which really isn’t surprising given how hugely important direct bookings are for hotel marketers everywhere. Be sure to take a few minutes and review the entire list.
  2. Up next, we’ve got a pair of Hospitality Marketing Link Digests (part of our regular E-commerce Link Digest series) for you. The first collected “5 Hotel Marketing Posts You Must See This Week” and the second presented “5 Killer Resources for Hotel Marketers.” Good stuff in both cases.
  3. If you want one sign of why I recap these top posts each month, take a look at #3 on this month’s list: “Don’t Miss These: The Top Five Hotel Marketing Posts of July.” Have you considered how you can repurpose your content to help your customers?
  4. We’re in the midst of a record year for many destinations. To keep those records rolling in, this next post offers some suggestions on
    “How to Make the Good Times Last.”
  5. We’ve got another pair of link digests for you at #5, both focused on demystifying distribution. The first rounded-up “5 Fantastic Posts Driving Hotel Distribution” while the second listed “6 Super Hotel Distribution Strategy Posts.” Both are worth another look.
  6. Many hotel marketers feel some pressure from alternative accommodations providers, such as AirBnB and HomeAway. I offered some thoughts about how you can compete more effectively against those players in this post, “Hotels vs. VRBO’s: Who’s Destined to Win?” Check it out when you get a chance.
  7. And, finally, I moderated an HSMAI webinar, the “End of Summer Check-up” that you’ll want to review. It’s free for HSMAI members, inexpensive for non-members, and well-worth the time for both.

And there you have it folks, the top five hotel marketing posts of July. If you like this list don’t miss other collections including “6 Spectacular Mobile Hotel Marketing and Distribution Posts, “ this group of “8 Deep Hotel Distribution Dispatches,” and these “6 Super Hotel Distribution Strategy Posts” all from our hospitality marketing link digests (part of the ongoing E-commerce Link Digest series) and these “15 Key Travel Marketing Posts of 2015 (So Far)”.

If you’re looking to learn even more about how changing guest behavior shapes hospitality marketing, e-commerce, and distribution, be sure an register to receive a special report I’ve produced in conjunction with hotel marketing firm Vizergy, “Digital Hotel Marketing in a Multiscreen World.” While it’s targeted specifically at hotel and resort marketers, the lessons apply to just about any business. You can get your free copy of the report here.

You might also want to take a moment to review the slides from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions 2015: Three Key Trends Driving Your Hotel Marketing Next Year” here:

(And, yes… you can hire me to speak at your next event, too).

Finally, you will definitely want to check out some of our past coverage of the mobile, local, social web and how to make it work for your business, including:

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