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7 Mobile E-Commerce Must-Reads from the Past Week: E-commerce Link Digest

7 Mobile E-Commerce Must-Reads from the Past WeekHey,Big Thinkers, I’m just about to head out and enjoy a wonderful August weekend. Hope you are too. So, let’s skip the big setup and get straight to this list of 7 mobile e-commerce must-reads from the past week. Enjoy:

  1. Mobile Commerce Daily reports that 73% of retailers do not offer mobile access to loyalty. For today’s customer, that’s just silly.
  2. In other silly moves brought to you by Mobile Commerce Daily, the news-gathering site notes 62% of retailers expect zero ROI from holiday mobile alerts. Um… what?!? Why do them, then? Either they produce results (which I suspect they do) and you should use them, or they don’t and you should walk away. What’s the benefit of interrupting your customers if they’re not interested and it won’t pay off? Something screwy going on with this one. For instance, BuzzFeed reports that Target is rolling out a new pilot program to track customers in stores and, one would assume, offer them mobile alerts when it’s appropriate. Does anyone here think Target expects “zero ROI”? Anyone? Yeah, neither do I. Stay tuned for more.
  3. Business Insider reports that Amazon shut down its product ads to prevent Google from data access. They’re also preventing you from accessing that information, so, that sucks.
  4. Biznology offers a great look at how to include video content in your buyers’ journey.
  5. The Wall Street Journal discusses Apple swapping its online ‘store’ for ‘buy’ buttons in a move that’s long overdue. I suspect you’ll see a number of e-commerce experiences move in this direction in the coming months/years.
  6. Mobile Commerce Daily says American Express swipes in Apple Pay for corporate card holders, a huge transition for the credit card giant — and a huge boost for mobile wallets overall. One of the main reasons this is such a big deal is, as eMarketer shows, mobile wallet users are more into the web than you are. These help underscore the reasons I believe mobile payments will soon rule e-commerce (and commerce overall). Quite simply, it’s a game-changer leading to increasing e-commerce growth.
  7. Finally, Smart Insights offers a look at “The Digital Marketing Landscape 2015,” which itself makes a nice complement to the top 15 digital marketing and e-commerce posts of 2015. Check ’em both out when you get a chance.

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