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8 Exceptional Insights Into Voice and AI and Their Effects on Digital Marketing: E-commerce Link Digest

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8 exceptional insights into voice and AI and their effects on digital marketing: Customer searching on mobile through voiceHowdy, Big Thinkers! Hope you’ve had an amazing week, filled with all sorts of greatness (traffic, revenue, a bit of laughter, love, and joy…) It’s been awesome around here (landed a couple of remarkable new clients, kicked off an incredibly fun project, shared a bit of laughter, love, and joy…) Clearly, we’re in a great mood. How about we put a bow on this extraordinary week by sharing this set of 8 exceptional insights into voice and AI and their effects on digital marketing. Maybe they’ll make a great week even better for you. Enjoy:

  1. Greg Zakowicz at Multichannel Merchant looked at the threat of disappearing brands in the age of voice assistants that’s well worth your time.
  2. Greg’s post makes an excellent complement to our look at the truth about voice as a powerful trend and whether voice, VR, AR, and AI represent hype or hope for marketers.
  3. In highly related news, our founder and president Tim Peter recently had a fantastic conversation with author, speaker, and digital strategist Mike Moran on content marketing, site search, and AI in an episode of Thinks Out Loud, our e-commerce and digital strategy podcast. Be sure to give it a listen when you get a moment.
  4. While we’re on the topic of AI, McKinsey put together a fantastic white paper ”Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital Frontier?” [Heads-up, it’s a PDF link, not a regular webpage]
  5. Chris Abraham has an excellent piece over on Biznology that looks at how to embrace AI and robots as a PR and marketing professional that’s worth a look.
  6. Also on Biznology, Tim offers this warning that you’re ignoring your company’s best salesperson — and it just might be killing your business. Good stuff.
  7. Shifting gears, Bloomberg explains how Amazon became corporate America’s nightmare. Really fascinating insights into how digital changes customer expectations.
  8. Finally, we’ll wrap-up our look at |???| with two recent episodes of Thinks Out Loud. The first looks at marketing at the speed of digital while the second outlines 6 proven digital marketing trends.

Have a great weekend, everyone. We’ll catch you back here next week!

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