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8 Posts Exploring Amazon Go and the Future of Digital Marketing: E-commerce Link Digest

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8 Posts Exploring Amazon Go and the Future of Digital Marketing: E-commerce Link Digest

Howdy, Big Thinkers! We’re going to skip the setup this week and get you straight into these 8 great posts exploring Amazon Go and the future of digital marketing. Enjoy:

  1. We’ve got a whole bunch of links about Amazon and the shifting, AI-driven economy this week. To start off, Reuters provides more details about Amazon Go, its line-free grocery store in challenge to supermarkets.
  2. We said that “Amazon Go Shows How E-commerce Will Work in the Future” on a recent episode of Thinks Out Loud
    , our e-commerce and digital strategy podcast.
  3. Read/Write asks, “Is Amazon Go a sign of the downfall of a retail workforce?” while the Guardian goes a step further, claiming that Amazon Go means more than just job losses, it will restructure the economy. Eh… maybe. But I’m not 100% convinced for reasons I’ll dive into in a couple of weeks… and just a couple links below this one.
  4. Meanwhile, Business Insider reports that Amazon is building an ‘Uber for trucking’ app, which could signal a whole new level of disruption.
  5. On the flipside, Bloomberg says that “Robots Aren’t Coming for Your Job, They’re Here Now.” That seems right to me and represents one reason I’m… well, maybe not bullish, but not entirely bearish either on this whole topic.
  6. Shifting gears, Information Age presented 8 predictions for digital marketing in 2017 that you’ll want to check out.
  7. We followed that up with a great post that asked, “How Can You Succeed at Digital Marketing Next Year? 17 Great Posts Offer Answers” for you.
  8. And, finally, let’s close out this week’s set of 8 posts exploring Amazon Go and the future of digital marketing for you with “A Quick Postcard from the Future of Digital,” also from Thinks Out Loud.

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

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