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9 Killer Posts Featuring This Year’s Key Digital Marketing Trends: E-commerce Link Digest

Key digital marketing trends: Couple uses mobile in-storeWe live in interesting times, folks, featuring rampant, dynamic change across all areas of digital marketing. To help you make sense of what in the world we’re actually seeing, check out these 9 killer posts featuring this year’s key digital marketing trends. Enjoy:

  1. We really live in a world where it’s all e-commerce. To that end, GetElastic has a great look at buyable pins and the future of e-commerce. On a related note, eMarketer talks with Alex and Ani’s CMO who offers insights on mobile social audience targeting. And, rounding out this little look at social, AdAge suggests that as social media gets more visual, it’s gotten more invisible. That’s a shame, too. Because social’s going to play a huge role as we move forward.
  2. On the search front, eMarketer highlights how mobile has taken over local search volume while Search Engine Land explains why why app indexing matters for the future of search.
  3. Search Engine Land also interviews author Bill Tancer on the search impact of reviews
  4. The competition between search and social for attention from consumers and commercial providers alike gets looked at in detail by the SEM Post, who asks, “Can Facebook Unseat Google?” Don’t laugh. The two Internet giants are playing for keeps right now. It’s going to be interesting to watch, and the big winner might you and me.
  5. What’s driving this whole series of changes, of course, is the immense rise and declining cost of computing power resulting from Moore’s Law. One outcome of these changes? Well, Fast Company says the top jobs in 10 years might not be what you expect. As you look at these jobs, try to think about what your customers will need in that brave new world.
  6. One job many expect to see disappear — I’m one of those many, by the way — is traditional ad buying, largely due to the increased use of programmatic advertising. Advertising Age profiles the math wizards who rule murky world of programmatic buying. Great stuff. Definitely worth checking out.
  7. Search Engine Land reports on Google’s new buy button (which we’ve talked about here) and notes the search giant claims “we have no intention to be a retailer.” For now, anyway. Time will tell. In a highly-related story, Fast Co Design says that Google’s minor UI update is solving the biggest problem on smartphones right now. And we think Google’s Android Pay (maybe) addresses its mobile wallet problem.
  8. Looking a little further down the road, the aptly-named Future of Commerce blog lists 3 ways wearable tech will revolutionize retail. Well worth a read.
  9. Finally, we’ve got a slightly silly one, but… it’s a clear demonstration of how much these platforms enable e-commerce when — in a playful, kind of goofy move — talk show host Conan O’Brien puts his studio on Airbnb. Disruption abounds, folks. Definitely a trend you want to watch closely in the future.

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

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