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A thousand posts. And a thousand thank you's.

Today marks a milestone here at Thinks Central. Because, this right here, Big Thinkers, is Tim Peter Thinks’ 1,000th post.

Now, for some of my more prolific friends, 1,000 posts is probably closer to a couple of decent months than a five-and-a-half year effort. But since starting this blog way back in December, 2005, a lot has changed for me. And if you’ll indulge me for just a moment, I’d love to share some of those changes with you.

Way back when, the blogosphere was still talking about “Web 2.0.” We were also still talking about “the blogosphere.” These days we’ve dropped versioning the web in favor of SoLoMo–the convergence of “social, local, mobile”. But, apparently, still love coining odd neologisms to describe the wild, wooly way the web continues to evolve.

The world was enjoying a boom back in 2005—having recovered from the post-9/11 recession–and the terms “credit default swap,” “collateralized debt obligation,” and “too big to fail” hadn’t yet entered the public consciousness.

Me? I was working to help a huge hotel company turn towards the web. Despite having built my first site almost a decade before, the industry as a whole was still learning how the web worked. Happily, they’ve learned quickly. So much so, that, as many of you know, I decided to put my money where my mouth has been for so long by launching my own business.

And this blog played a role in that decision. Many of you have written me, either directly or within the comments, asking for help with your brand’s strategy and tactics. I’d turned down multiple opportunities based on my commitment to my day job. And, while I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities my day job provided, I’m thrilled by the opportunity I get every day, working directly with clients and their customers, helping businesses like yours put the web to work.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for hanging out here. Thanks for commenting. You make it all worthwhile—and inspire me to reach for my dreams every day as well. So, while I’m very proud of our past thousand posts, please accept a thousand thanks for continuing the journey with me.

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