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F-commerce Rising: 12 Tales of E-commerce on Facebook (Small Business E-commerce Link Digest – June 17, 2011)

I’ve mentioned “F-commerce” (or, e-commerce on Facebook) before. But Facebook is really starting to make bigger moves in the e-commerce space. For instance, last week, Facebook acquired a small e-commerce application company called Sofa, (or more appropriately, the team at Sofa—their products will live on separately), most likely to beef up their commerce capabilities. If that weren’t enough, check out these 12 looks into Facebook’s commerce strategy:

  1. For starters, Clickz offers a good overview of commerce on Facebook overall.
  2. GigaOm also looks at F-commerce today and where it’s going.
  3. Bands use Facebook all the time to connect with fans. Which is likely why the music industry already realizes the benefits of marketing and selling on Facebook. Billboard magazine rounds up some great tips from their Nashville Summit that apply equally well to other industries, too.
  4. For further proof, take a look at e-Consultancy’s 101 F-commerce examples for other companies succeeding on the social network.
  5. In another great example, CPG giant (and world-class marketer) Proctor & Gamble has opened its own Facebook store.
  6. Of course, there’s more to this than just case studies. Clickz takes a good look at building commerce around your community.
  7. Even though it’s still early, many businesses already benefit from F-commerce. For instance, Mashable offers up a series of Facebook marketing success stories.
  8. Of course, even on Facebook, search still matters. Which is what makes E-Consultancy’s SEO tips for Facebook pages so valuable.
  9. Intuit asks should you run an E-commerce store on Facebook? I’ll give you one guess as to their answer.
  10. You can also get loads of details from the horse’s mouth by checking out Facebook’s commerce page.
  11. Bloomberg Businessweek talks about how to enable secure e-commerce through Facebook.
  12. And finally, Social Commerce Today breaks down Forbes’ look at Facebook as an e-commerce platform.

I’ve long believed that where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. And loads of smoke surrounds F-commerce these days. Just as Google is making big moves in social to shore up its position, Facebook is looking to e-commerce to grow its bottom line. Will it succeed? It’s way too soon to say. But, there’s no question that serious marketers are putting serious thought into putting the social network to work for their business. Are you ready to do the same?

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