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10 Posts Connecting AI and Customer Experience: E-commerce Link Digest

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10 Posts Connecting AI and Customer Experience: Using a mobile phone to understand products in store

Hey, Big Thinkers! Crazy week, so I hope you don’t mind if we skip the setup and get right to this list of 10 posts connecting AI and customer experience. Enjoy:

  1. Kicking things off, Scott Monty wrote a fantastic piece for Brand Quarterly all about reclaiming humanity in business. Really good stuff.
  2. Scott’s piece was part of the inspiration behind a recent episode of Thinks Out Loud, our e-commerce and digital strategy podcast, called “Want to Beat the Machines? Don’t Be a Machine.” Be sure to give it a listen when you get a moment.
  3. Marketing Insider Group takes a great look at how AI will make marketing more personalized in 2018.
  4. Digital Trends adds to the discussions saying, don’t be fooled by sci-fi stories — AI for good is on the rise.
  5. Search Engine Watch looks at artificial intelligence and machine learning and asks, “What are the opportunities for search marketers?”
  6. We’ve also rounded-up a set of 11 outstanding insights into AI and digital marketing in the E-commerce Link Digest series and asked ”Will This Be The Year of AI in Digital Marketing?” in a recent episode of Thinks Out Loud.
  7. Retail Dive explains why Amazon Go is more like Amazon ‘Uh oh’ for other retailers. More importantly, it raises the bar for what customers will expect from everyone over time.
  8. On a highly-related note, Mark de Bruijn has an amazing piece all about providing a seamless customer experience titled, “I want it all, I want it now” that you must see.
  9. Another great Retail Dive joint shows how Amazon’s Alexa mobile app has finally found its voice, adding full Alexa capabilities to your mobile phone. Cool.
  10. And, finally, let’s wrap up this look at 10 posts connecting AI and customer experience with a set of 6 Proven Digital Marketing Trends (The Best of Thinks Out Loud). Give it a listen when you get a chance.

Have a great weekend, Big Thinkers. Catch you back here next week!

You might also want to check out these slides I had the pleasure of presenting recently about the key trends shaping marketing in the next year. Here are the slides for your reference:

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