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10 Terrific Items Featuring The Week’s Top Trends: E-commerce Link Digest

10 Terrific Items Featuring The Week's Top Trends: E-commerce Link DigestWell, Big Thinkers, it’s been a crazy week. Hope you don’t mind if I skip the setup and just get you right to these 10 terrific items featuring the week’s top trends. Enjoy:

  1. The fine folks at M&M Global interviewed Indeed CMO Paul D’Arcy, who says, “Our job as marketers is to shape an experience.” So, so true and really helps underscore why you need to be driving seamless experiences in 2016.
  2. Entrepreneur offers very strong insights on how to overcome the great analytics gap. You might find that our past coverage collected as the website analytics fundamentals series will also provide you some help here.
  3. Marketing Charts rounds-up US consumers’ attitudes towards mobile payment security, by generation, which is very cool. Continuing on the payments front, Mobile Commerce Daily reports that Google is trying to crack formula for invisible payments with its Hands Free app. We’ll see whether they succeed, but it’s yet more evidence for why mobile payments will rule.
  4. Search Engine Journal offers up a pair of fascinating posts. The first collects a set of 5 digital trends to watch out for in 2016, while the second asks “where will SEO go this year?” While we’re on the topic of trends, don’t miss these five fast digital marketing posts featuring February’s top trends from our our weekly E-commerce Link Digest series.
  5. HubSpot put together a really cool infographic that shows how Internet behavior is changing around the world.
  6. Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert blog asks, “What’s Missing From Your Omnichannel Strategy?” Even better, he provides some really solid answers.
  7. Social Times offers data that provides one explanation why people don’t want customer service via social, but through your mobile app. Interesting trend that’s worth watching over time.
  8. in Australia explains how to harness digital-led innovation. Good stuff. One thought to keep in mind is this question about a key trend for 2016: “Is execution the new innovation?”
  9. For those of you wondering about the future shape of your career, Kirsten Newbold-Knipp over at Gartner details the reasons why today’s great CMOs will be the CEOs of 2020. Excellent read.
  10. And, finally, you won’t want to miss these 7 special digital strategy insights: the top posts of February, 2016 to see what else your fellow Big Thinkers found most helpful over the past month.

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

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