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6 Winning Travel Marketing Posts: The Top Hospitality Marketing Posts from January

6 Winning Travel Marketing Posts for January 2015Well, that was fast. We’ve got one month down already and 2015 is already about 9% over. And, yes, that’s surprisingly “glass half-empty” for me. But don’t worry. I think there’s tons of great stuff ahead in the remaining 91% of the year.

To set yourself up for success as we turn the calendar to February, let’s take a minute to recap the posts you and your fellow Big Thinkers read and shared most often last month. So, without further ado, take a few moments to review these 6 winning travel marketing posts, the top hospitality marketing posts from January. Enjoy:

  1. As I noted in my look at January’s top digital marketing and e-commerce posts (outside the travel industry, that is), there was no “Best of December” recap; we offered up a “best of 2014” in its place, which you’ll find right here—and just a few spots below this one. Which explains why I actually posted the top post from last month in December. The post? This look at “2015 Travel E-commerce Trends Worth Watching: Digital Wallets.” Really good stuff and well-worth giving a bit of your attention, no matter the month in which it was written.
  2. Trends continually present a popular option for your fellow readers here on the blog. This recap of an interview I gave to Hotel News Now about “5 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2015” details a number of trends—well, five, to be precise—all of which you want to pay attention to in the months ahead.
  3. As promised a moment ago, our #3 entry is this recap of “The Top 14 Hotel Marketing Posts of 2014.” Loads of good information there and definitely deserving of a longer look.
  4. A whole host of Hospitality Marketing Link Digests were very popular in January, including these “4 Key Posts About 2015 Travel Marketing Trends,” a round-up of “5 First-Rate Travel Marketing Posts for the First Of The Year,” and these “6 Totally Brilliant Travel Marketing Posts.” Just a ton of useful information from around the web. Check ’em all out when you have a moment.
  5. Since we seem to have a lot of posts about trends this time around, you’ll want to take a minute to review these “3 Mobile Milestones for Travel Marketing.” I’m going to recommend you check out this companion piece, “4 Signs that Hotel Marketing’s Future is Mobile,” too. Not only do theses posts explore the mobile milestones mentioned, they also review why mobile matters so much, and what you can do to use these shifting guest behaviors to your advantage.
  6. Last, but by no means least, you really owe it to yourself to review this post outlining “3 Keys to Compete with OTA’s in 2015 and Beyond.” Now, I’m not one to suggest OTA’s are “evil” or the bad guys of the industry or anything like that. At the same time, you want to gain as much revenue as you can directly, and use the OTA’s only where it makes sense. This post offers some clear insights on exactly how you can do that.

Looking for more hospitality marketing insights and information? Be sure to check out collections of prior months’ top posts like the “6 Top Travel Marketing Posts from November” and “9 Must-Read Marketing and E-commerce Gems: The Top Posts from October.” Plus, you’ll probably enjoy these “7 Remarkable Posts about Mobile Marketing in Travel” and these “7 Brilliant Insights into Mobile Travel E-commerce” from our hospitality marketing link digests (part of the ongoing E-commerce Link Digest series).

And if you want to learn even more about how customers changing behavior shapes e-commerce and marketing, be sure an register to receive a special report I’ve produced in conjunction with hotel marketing firm Vizergy, “Digital Hotel Marketing in a Multiscreen World.” While it’s targeted specifically at hotel and resort marketers, the lessons apply to just about any business. You can get your free copy of the report here.

Plus, don’t miss these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

Finally, you might also want to check out some of our past coverage of the mobile, local, social web and how to make it work for your business, including:

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