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7 Reasons E-commerce Growth Has Nowhere to Go But Up

Mobile ecommerce growth

Despite huge growth over the last decade or so, e-commerce growth really has nowhere to go but up. Consider the following facts about how big e-commerce really is (all stats courtesy of Business Insider):

  1. E-commerce currently represents 5% of retail spending (not including travel, ticketing, and events)
  2. Amazon continues to grow at a double-digit pace, indicating ongoing consumer shift towards online channels
  3. Walmart is the second-fastest growing e-commerce site
  4. But, online represents only 2% (!) of Walmart’s overall revenues, again, showing how much room still exists for the retail giant — and other e-commerce players in groceries, CPG, and the like — to grow

Looks like lots of room for e-commerce growth, no? Well, I’d add three more items to the e-commerce landscape outlined above:

  1. The web influences greater than half of all purchases, a number that continues to grow, while “non-web influenced sales” continues to decline
  2. Smartphone use also continues to grow, acclimating consumers to the idea of “Internet, everywhere”
  3. We’re only just beginning to see the emergence of mobile payments and other alternatives to credit cards, further driving consumer adoption of smartphones and of digital channels, overall

Underscoring these points, lots of players from the AGFAM group (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft) — and those on the outside looking in — are trying to get in the game in a bigger and bigger way.

If you’ve worked at all in the publishing or travel industries (to pick two illustrative industries), these moves might look very, very familiar to you. We’re beginning to move towards the types of disintermediation that publishers and travel agents have been dealing with for the last decade or so — and with likely similar outcomes for those who fail to act.

Now, is the inexorable rise of e-commerce a threat to your business?

Well… sure. Or it is if you stand still and watch it happen. For better or worse, businesses that have fallen by the wayside in travel and publishing offer at minimum a playbook for what not to do. For starters, develop your brand story, start improving your e-commerce effectiveness, and follow best practices for gaining traffic from a variety of sources.

It seems pretty clear that e-commerce has lots of room to grow. The real question now is whether you’re planning to grow your business along with it.

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