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Thinks Out Loud Episode 3: What Do Your Customers Need?

In this week’s Thinks Out Loud episode, I look at selling on social networks, how to make it easy for your customers to do what you want them to do, how to measure your effectiveness, and do a quick review of DJ Waldow and Jason Falls’ wonderful book, The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing: Grow Your List, Break the Rules, and Win. Here are the show notes:

Selling in social media:

Making things easy for your customers:

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness:

Book Review:

Previous podcasts:

Contact information for the podcast:

Technical details: Recorded using a Shure SM57 microphone
through a Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB recording interface into Logic Express 9 for the Mac. I’ve added a standard SM57 pop filter to the mic this week, instead of the “pantyhose and wire hanger” version I used to use. It was too hard to see past the old filter. It seems to roll off the highs a little bit, but I think it works OK. As ever, let me know if you see a difference (or care at all about the tech notes).

Running time: 10m 54s

You can subscribe to Thinks Out Loud in iTunes [iTunes link], subscribe via our dedicated podcast RSS feed or download/listen to the podcast here on Thinks using the player below:

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