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Your 10 Favorite Topics This Month (February 2013)

Top Thinks content for February 2013Just like last month, we’re rounding up your top 10 topics for the month of February. Here’s what you liked the most:

  1. The hands-down winner was our roundup of agile marketing in real-time where Oreo showed how it’s done during the Super Bowl.
  2. You also really liked our look at how to improve your sites bounce rate in 15 minutes.
  3. Our weekly podcast, Thinks Out Loud, remains popular. Especially “Episode 19: What Teens Teach Us About Marketing.”
  4. Even though it was posted late in the month (day before yesterday, in fact), you really seemed to enjoy this look at 4 secrets about remote workers every marketer should know.
  5. Another popular post examined who you’ll sell to in the future and today.
  6. You also spent a fair bit of time reviewing the big mistake in social media marketing.
  7. The SuperBowl wasn’t the only big real-time marketing event of the month. Nope, the State of the Union offered a lesson in how to pwn social media like Marco Rubio and Poland Spring.
  8. You consistently like trend posts, which is why you enjoyed our thoughts about why the future is already here.
  9. Readers spent a considerable amount of time at the answer to the question, “can Facebook deliver sales?”
  10. And, finally, you closed out the list with another episode of Thinks Out Loud: “What’s Wrong With Google’s Enhanced AdWords Campaigns?”

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