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13 Excellent E-Commerce and Digital Strategy Insights: E-Commerce Link Digest

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13 excellent e-commerce and digital strategy insights

Howdy, Big Thinkers. I’m just back from a couple days of client meetings in New York City (which, admittedly, is just across the river), but I’m betting you would like to skip the setup and just get right to this round-up of 13 excellent e-commerce and digital strategy insights, this week’s entry into the E-commerce Link Digest series. So that’s what I’ve done for you. Enjoy:

  1. Let’s kick off this week’s list with these “32 Killer Resources to Improve Your Digital Strategy: The Top Posts of 2016 (So Far)” from right here on Thinks.
  2. And on our Thinks Out Loud podcast this week, I took a look at “The New Digital Strategy Playbook: Part 1” that’s definitely worth a listen.
  3. Over on Brand Quarterly, Bryan Kramer writes, correctly, that “People Buy Emotions Not Things.” It’s a simple point, but one that’s incredibly important to remember too.
  4. On a related note, and also on Brand Quarterly, Ana Andjelic lays out “Luxury’s Lesson To Brands: Get Your Customer Experience Right.” All I can say is, “yep.”
  5. Marketing Charts shares research that asks “What Does It Take to Get the Customer Experience Right?” On a similar note, we’ve got this set of “8 Killer Entries About Improving E-commerce Experience” for you to review from the E-commerce Link Digest series as well as this Thinks Out Loud episode on “Driving Seamless Experiences in 2016.”
  6. Writing at The Drum, Stephen Lepitak epxlains “How Google Plans on Using VR To Connect People With Memories, Experiences and Places” that’s well worth a read.
  7. Jason Miller has a post over on LinkedIn called “A B2B Marketer Spends a Month with Snapchat” that’s definitely worth a read.
  8. Marketing Charts finds that, for “Traditional TV Viewing, What A Difference 5 Years Makes,” further underscoring “2016’s Top Trends: Make Room For Mobile Video.”
  9. Veronika Bernkammer on the Future of Commerce blog says “When It Comes to Personalization, ‘Dear First Name’ Is Not Good Enough.” Damn straight.
  10. While we’re on the subject of personalization, don’t miss these “9 Must-Read Personalization Insights to Start Your Week Off Right.”
  11. I loved Joshua Nite’s piece on the Top Rank Blog that uncovered “How to Turn Undervalued Content into Content Marketing Gold (The Trick is Repurposing),” especially when you pair it with these
    “15 Colossal Content Marketing Insights to Kick off Your Week.”
  12. It also seems like a good time to remind you that “Content is Still the King.”
  13. Finally, as we close out this week’s recap of 13 excellent e-commerce and digital strategy insights, make sure you give a listen to this podcast episode that outlines “How to Keep Up With Technology as a Marketer: The Quick and Dirty Guide” when you have a moment. You’ll be glad you did.

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You can also check out these slides and video from my recent webinar, “Digital Marketing Directions: Three Key Trends Driving Your Marketing Next Year”:

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