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5 Must-See Black Friday and Cyber Monday Trends: E-commerce Link Digest

Mobile ecommerce handThe numbers are starting to come in for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. And, overall, they say some really good things about e-commerce, mobile commerce, and digital overall. Here is a round-up of 5 Must-See Black Friday and Cyber Monday trends — and some solid analysis, too — from around the web this past week. Enjoy:

  1. Marketing Charts offers up its Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday e-commerce results, which were pretty great overall. Even better were the Cyber Monday results that showed Cyber Monday was the heaviest e-commerce day yet.
  2. According to TechCrunch and IBM, Thanksgiving online sales up 14% with one-third of sales on mobile and led by iOS. The whole “Android vs. iOS debate” lingers in e-commerce circles. I say ignore that debate. What really matters is what your data and your customers tell you.
  3. Speaking of mobile commerce, the latest episode of my e-commerce and digital marketing podcast, Thinks Out Loud, explains why it might be time to say it’s all m-commerce. Definitely worth a listen when you get a moment.
  4. In a bit of a surprise, Quartz tells us that, mo, Amazon is not opening a physical store in New York for the holiday shopping season. I’ll admit that I paid lots of attention to that story when it first broke. Not sure if the earlier reports were wrong of if Amazon changed its mind. I’ll keep you posted if I hear more.
  5. Finally, Search Engine Land reports that paid search revenue gains outpaced retailer ad spend on Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Given the rising costs of paid search acquisition, that’s truly welcome news for a change.

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