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5 Top Tips from Thinks E-commerce and Marketing All-Stars

Tips from the Marketing All-StarsI wanted to follow up on yesterday’s list of the 2013 Marketing and E-commerce All-Stars by highlighting why various members made the list. While I don’t have an example from each member (for instance, and Tumblr don’t exactly lend themselves to this type of curation), it should offer a picture of what makes each of these folks special.

  1. Jeff Bullas wrote a piece asking “Are You Waiting to be Perfect Before You Start Your Blog?” Love this line: “If you don’t start then nothing will happen…. it is that simple.” Want more? I also love his piece on How to Unleash the Power of Content.”
  2. Mitch Joel builds on Jeff’s theme, asking What’s The Point In Commenting On Blogs? Mitch offers clear thinking in asking questions like this:

    “…the need to leave the digital equivalent of a high five doesn’t fit with my personality. It’s not an indication that I’m not appreciative of the discourse (quite the opposite, I’m extremely thankful that individuals read the content and feel compelled to comment). I’ve had people leave a comment, then post to Twitter that they have left a comment, then posted a link to the blog post with an additional comment on LinkedIn, Google + and more. There are many social media “experts” who feel that every comment must be acknowledged on a blog post. Does this mean that bloggers must also acknowledge those additional comments, shares and more on every other channel as well?

    Counter-intuitive, but well thought out. And illustrative of the kind of advice Mitch provides every day.

  3. Get Elastic is a bit more prescriptive, noting “only 25% of the 85 retail blogs we tracked in 2007 are still actively updated today” and offering alternatives in “Beyond Blogging: 13 Content Marketing Opportunities for Ecommerce.” Good stuff.
  4. Mike Moran looks at the overall value of content marketing (and many other techniques) when he asks “Does Brand Marketing Still Matter In The Digital Age?” As Mike says, “Digital marketing, in fact, is way more about marketing than about digital.” Worth noting, no?
  5. And let’s close out with Seth Godin. Seth makes a great point (as ever), in his post “The Thermostat And The Frying Pan”

    “There is significant pressure on marketers to get it done fast. And so the inclination to spend a lot, to race around, to turn the thermostat to its most extreme state. Yelling, basically. But all the yelling doesn’t build your brand faster. In fact, it might do quite the opposite. Trusted brands don’t get there by spending their whole budget on one Super Bowl ad.”

As ever, each of the Marketing and E-comemrce All Stars offers a ton of great information, tips, and deep thinking to help you grow your business. Check out the whole list and let their advice help you grow.

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