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7 Expert CX, AI, and Digital Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line: E-commerce Link Digest

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7 expert CX, AI, and digital tips to boost your bottom line

Hei, hei, Big Thinkers! I just got back from Norway and that’s everyone says “hello” there. Hope you get to use that in all your travels. This week’s edition of the E-commerce Link Digest Series rounds-up 7 expert CX, AI, and digital tips to boost your bottom line — and I hope you get to do just that too. Enjoy:

  1. The fine folks over at Brand Quarterly have outlined “The Importance Of Consistency Within Omnichannel Marketing” for us all… and done a nice job of it to boot. Well worth your time to read.
  2. While thinking about getting things right, has a terrific piece that asks “Do You View Your Customer As A Name Or A Number?” Guess which one works better.
  3. Sticking with our friends at, here’s a fantastic round-up of “7 Digital Trends That Will Change Business Forever” for you. While I don’t know about the “forever” part, they’re all worth checking out.
  4. On a highly-related note, we rounded up “6 Proven Digital Marketing Trends in The Best of Thinks Out Loud recently. Give ’em all a listen when you get a moment, OK?
  5. Yet another outstanding article connects two of my favorite topics with these “4 Ways Machine Learning Boosts The Customer Experience.” Much like the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercial claimed, these are two great tastes that taste great together.
  6. Since I may have mentioned before that “AI Makes Big Data Little” — and getting your “data house” in order represents a key first step for your AI strategy — you’ll probablby appreciate this quick refresher on “Finding and Following Your Customer’s Digital Footprint.”9 Great Posts Focused on Digital Transformation, Strategy, and AI: E-commerce Link Digest
  7. Finally, let’s close out this week’s look at 7 expert CX, AI, and digital tips to boost your bottom line with a post that asks — and answers — “How Can You Succeed at Digital Marketing Next Year? 17 Great Posts Offer Answers.”

You might also want to check out these slides I had the pleasure of presenting recently about the key trends shaping marketing in the next year. Here are the slides for your reference:

Finally, you might enjoy some of these past posts from Thinks to help you build your e-commerce strategy and your digital success:

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