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8 Excellent Content Marketing and Customer Experience Insights: E-commerce Link Digest

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8 excellent content marketing and customer experience insights

Holla, Big Thinkers! Had a good, have you? I sure have. This week’s edition of the E-commerce Link Digest Series mixes things up a bit, with an amazing list of 8 excellent content marketing and customer experience insights for you. Be sure to check out the ones most appropriate to your situation. As always, enjoy:

  1. Leading things off, Brand Quarterly highlights “The Digital Divide Between Leaders And Followers In Global Content.”
  2. Now content holds a space near and dear to our hearts here at Thinks, which is why we’ve covered “Trends for 2017: What Your Content Marketing Strategy Looks Like” and suggested that “Content Marketing is a Powerful Hammer But Not Everything’s a Nail” in past episodes of Thinks Out Loud, our e-commerce and digital strategy podcast.
  3. Of course, you want to complement your company’s content throughout other steps in the customer journey, too. And as another Brand Quarterly piece notes, “Marketing Budgets Continue Pivoting To Technology And Customer Experience” to support those steps.
  4. Now, in the past, I’ve invited you to “Meet the King, the Queen, and the Crown Jewels: Content, Customer Experience, and Data.” But why not drill down further to understand “Why Content is King and Customer Experience is Queen.”
  5. Marketing Week explains “Why the Future of Customer Experience Depends on Online Data.”
  6. But the King and Queen are nothing without their Crown Jewels, data. And data’s where things start to get a bit sketchy these days, especially with the latest news about the Equifax data breach and Facebook’s issues with unsavory advertisers. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to brush up on “Facebook’s Data Problem” and give some thought as to why “Maybe Facebook’s Data Problem Is Your Data Problem.”
  7. highlights the critical role data plays too, noting that “Digital Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words.”
  8. That’s a lot to take in for one week, so why not round-out your list of 8 excellent content marketing and customer experience insights with “A Dozen Don’t-Miss Digital Strategy Posts,” this set of “7 Sensational Insights into the Future of Digital Marketing,” or these “6 Proven Digital Marketing Trends (The Best of Thinks Out Loud)?” You’ll be glad you did.

Have a fabulous weekend, Big Thinkers. Catch you back here next week!

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